Our services

CWC is a proud member of the exclusive Citrix Platinum Partner group

Our services methodology is aligned with the manufacturer's proposition in product implementation of CITRIXproducts, but we always offer added value that is the hallmark of our services. This implementation methodology is characterized by a number of phases, related elements and tasks, which represent the best practices and competencies in the analysis, design, construction and set-up of CITRIX environments.


Through interactive meetings, we analyse the problem and document the location, layout, requirements and risks of each component of the technological infrastructure. The result is set out in a document that will enable you to gain a clear understanding of the areas for improvement in your information systems and the benefits you will obtain with the solution we propose.


We will provide a design document to implement the recommendations and best practices for the CITRIX environment, going into detail on each parameter and configuration of each component involved in each of the project solutions, taking into account the design requirements identified in the analysis phase.

Testing and roll-out

In order to provide the basis for the piloting and subsequent final deployment of the project, the deployment process tasks of the infrastructure will be carried out, commissioning the servers with all of the methodology defined, and the applications integration, scalability tests and the support and management provision design will be carried out.


During this phase, full piloting of the infrastructure is conducted so that the final deployment can be carried out once it has been confirmed that it is working perfectly. During this phase, it is possible that changes may need to be made to the design of the infrastructure and to the infrastructure itself, or other changes in the various architecture components. Fully productive hardware must be used and a live test will be run with users to check it is fully operational.

Support and Assistance

Upon completion of the project, we will continue to be at the client's disposal to resolve any queries and to provide advice, maintenance and resolve incidents, etc. as well as keeping clients informed on the status of their licences and new product versions.

At every phase of the project. CWC looks for areas for improvement in the structure of its information systems and offers results-oriented solutions. At CWC we base our success on the success of our professionals; which is none other than their expertise, commitment and specialization which are the foundations of their achievements helping clients to build their future.

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